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di yass

Client: Cucina di yass 

Italian Restaurant  

Categories: Branding 

Project overview:

Upon taking this brand into our creative reality, we've constructed a collective brand guidelines focusing on creating an identity true to the restaurant's cuisine without overlooking the creative and innovative aspect. To better able a cohesive and coherent identity, we worked on providing packaging, clothing, and business card designs by maintaining yet elevating the concept of simplicity and protecting manners of authenticity and creativity.

Logo Design:
The logo created is a reflection of the brand's identity; using minimal illustrations and modern curvy font to convey the true traditional culture of Italy with a modern twist moderating both qualities.


Color Palette:

The logo and brand colors have been assigned by a thorough study of attractiveness and relatability. We were fascinated by the colors of Italian food and were intrigued to implement them to the logo as part of the identity; those colors represent traditional Italian food or primary ingredients such as olive oil, basil, garlic, and tomato sauce. 

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